Where the Story Begins...

"In 2003, we were just a bunch of undergraduates in UTM, but we were given the opportunity and privilege to represent our university in a robot competition (ABU Robocon). The competition was an eye­opener and it sparked a passion for robotics in us, aspiring engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit. Together, we started a company (Cytron Technologies) in late of 2004 and began developing various kinds of training kits, development boards and electronics modules to facilitate makers, researchers and engineers in their robotics research projects.

Throughout our years in this industry, we see the need to educate our younger generation to be more technology fluent so that they can be future technology leaders rather than passive consumers. We also foresee personal robots as the next wave of technological revolution after personal computers and mobile phones. With these in view, we developed rero - an educational robotics kit which is easy for beginners and children to learn and use.

Launched in 2014, rero is ASEAN’s first educational robotics kit for students. With this robotics kit, children will no longer be put off by the previously long and tedious process of building a robot from scratch and parents do not have to worry about their kids using dangerous tools. In addition, anyone can start building a robot right away without having to learn a programming language beforehand. With rero, you can truly build your own robot today."

-Tan Eng Tong, CEO Cytron Technologies-

Our Vision

To bring robotics to the masses
by providing access to rero kits and robotics education.