With rero you can
Build and Program Your Own Robot Today

rero is a robot construction kit that features easy-to-use hardware
design and programming tool.

One Robotics Kit, Unlimited Possibilities
rero sparks creativity and innovation.

In this one robotics kit, you get all that you need to build your first robot.

Reconfigurable Robot with Slide 'n' Lock Construction

With its modular design, you can easily assemble the parts in as many configurations as you could possibly think of.

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Robotics Technology is the Future Now.

Equip your child today with this innovative learning tool to cultivate their interest in STEM.

Breeze Through Programming with rero

Programming simple robot motion is insanely easy with rero TeachMode, which has been built into rero Controller. Spice up the motion’s complexity with rero Animator - a time-based motion editing tool (use it to animate your robot!). rero Planner blends key coding concepts into a flow-based graphical programming interface, allowing any budding roboticists to program an interactive robot with sensory inputs processing in no time.

Reconfigurable Robot with Slide 'n' Lock Construction

rero now comes with a beam joint to allow rero-LEGO® users to expand their creativity.

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From 3D Sketch to Reality

You can also customise your robot with 3D-printed parts.

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Everything that you need to build your own robot today.

  • rero Controller
  • 8 Cube Servo motors
  • Head module (Sound and infrared sensors)
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Line sensor
  • Tactile sensor
  • ...
Starting at RM1800

Tech Specifications

In rero, everything is simplified to allow youngster and non-technical people to get started with robotics.

rero Controller

32-Bit MIPS-M4K MCU (PIC32MX575F512L)
Operating System:
FreeRTOS-based proprietary OS
Display & User Interface:
3.2" TFT colour LCD with touch screen
6 (Support up to 60 Cube Servos and sensors; 10 per port)
4GB SD card
USB Communication:
USB 2.0 Full Speed
Wireless Communication:
Bluetooth 4.0 (EDR + BLE)
Built-in speaker (1.5W, 8Ohm)
Smart Device Support:
Android & iOS
11.1V Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery (come with charger)

Cube Servo Motors

Operating Voltage:
6.5 - 17.8VDC
Rated Torque:
12kg.cm (at 12V)
63RPM (no load at 12V)
1.5A max (at 12V)
360⁰ electrical angle (1088 steps in position mode)

360⁰ continuous rotation (in wheel mode)

Half duplex serial communication

Daisy chain connection

Addressable module with user-settable IDs

Sensors & Modules

Head Module:
IR proximity sensing & Mic loudness measurement with two RGB LED eyes
Ultrasonic Sensor:
Measure distance ranging from 2cm to 200cm.
Touch Sensor:
Touched or not touched detection.
Infrared Sensor:
Proximity sensing.
Line Sensor (Opt):
Line position detection with 4 modulated IR pairs to eliminate ambient noise, 4 line position indicator LEDs, dark or light line selection & auto line-background surfaces calibration.
Colour Sensor (Opt):
7 colours and no colour detection, colour indicator RGB LED & ambient light intensity measurement.