04 December, 2019
We're recruiting new training partners in all locations - sign up today!

rero EDUteam is the education arm of Cytron Technologies. With support from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), we work hand in hand with our training partners to build a sustainable platform to promote robotics and coding education to children of all ages. 


We strive to make quality robotics and coding education available, affordable and attainable for all children regardless of their background. We train teachers and students, mentor student leaders and run RERO Annual Championship (RAC), a robotics and coding competition for primary and secondary school students. Interested? Come join our team~


Who should apply?
We are looking for partners who share our vision and are passionate about technology and education. Background in education or experience in running a learning center will be of tremendous help. We're recruiting new training partners for *ALL locations. We hope to branch out to cover all major cities in Malaysia soon. Come join us to realize this dream!

*Except the following locations which we have got covered: Alor Setar (Kedah), Simpang Ampat (Penang), Taiping and Ipoh (Perak), Gombak, Klang and Petaling Jaya (Selangor), Pandan Indah (KL), Seremban 2 (N9), Batu Pahat and JB (Johor), Kota Bahru (Kelantan), Kuantan and Pekan (Pahang), Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) and Kuching (Sarawak).

How is rero Ecosystem different from other robotics centres (franchising / licensing)?
Firstly, we are NOT running a franchising/licensing model. rero Ecosystem is a community or network of stakeholders who share a mutual goal of building a sustainable platform. In rero Ecosystem, Cytron supplies the hardware solutions and Training Partners provide training services. We work in collaboration and leverage on each others' network.

How to become a Training Partner in rero Ecosystem?
STEP 1: Fill in this form so that we can get to know you.
STEP 2: Our team will contact you to follow up. 
STEP 3: Visit us at Cytron HQ in Penang for a full-day training.
That's it - as easy as 1-2-3 and you're ready to start!

What's included in the 10k Starter Package?
1) 20 sets of rero:micro robot kit - each set comes with a game track and a 10-lesson booklet which features step-by-step guide, fun facts and coding challenges.
2) Full-day training at Cytron HQ (Penang) for up to 5 trainers. Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the course.
3) Access to rero EDUteam resources and technical support.

As an official Training Partner, your centre will also be listed on our website and all leads in your area will be channeled to you. In addition, you are entitled to purchase selected hardware products from Cytron Technologies at special Training Partner price.

Have more questions? Contact us. We'd love to hear from you.