25 June, 2018
NEW: rero Planner (Web App Version)

Dear rero Robot Makers, 

We're pleased to present to you a brand new Web App version of rero Planner. It's designed to run on Google Chrome web browser on Windows and macOS. rero Planner Web App connects to rero Controller via an assistant software called rero Link. 

Here are some of the new features for the web app version of
rero Planner:

  1. Auto detection for connected modules
  2. Show sensors' current value
  3. Debug mode to view settings of all the blocks
  4. Remote control function
  5. More intuitive user interface (UI)
  6. Can be used offline (*after successfully loading the first time with Internet connection)

Click HERE to download the installation guide [pdf].


In order for your rero Controller to communicate with this new software, you will need to update its firmware to the latest version here. Then follow this instruction to proceed with the update. Select the firmware that you've just downloaded, instead of the original firmware as stated in the guide.