03 July, 2017
Happy Eid al-Fitr 2017!

Salam Aidilfitri from us to all where we celebrate Hari Raya together and remain united as a strong beautiful nation.  As we forgive and forget each other’s shortcomings, let us not forget the blessings that are bestowed on us. Much gratitude for the support and opportunities received to allow rero to thrive and continue to equip our younger generation for the exciting future to come.

We have also recently shared  that rero had to undergo a much needed pricing revision and regrettably, we have to give in to adjustments to meet the rising cost of production. However, we are pleased that all rero sets now come with enhanced product features offering even better durability and control so you will still get a fantastic deal owning a rero set ( or two! ).

The new pricing will only be reflected on 15th July 2017 so any orders made BEFORE then will be honored using the original pricing. Treat you loved ones with a rero now to unlock a journey rich with inspiring learning curves and endless fun!

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