05 May, 2017
rero Regional Level Robotics and Coding Competition 2017 ( Southern Region )

Date                       :              
25th April 2017 (Secondary Category)

                          26th April 2017 (Primary Category)

Time                       :               8.30 a.m. - 4.00p.m.

Venue                    :               SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat, Johor

   The rero Regional Level Robotics and Coding Competition 2017 is a joint coordination between Cytron Technologies dan MDEC under the initiative of #mydigitalmaker movement. The programme aims to fire up interest and passion in robotics and  STEM education as well as creating opportunities for more students to join robotic and coding competitions at various levels.

   Each participating school has been equipped with a robot set for the competition. Apart from that, introductory workshop and pre-competition talk have been conducted on 28th March 2017 as a preparatory support for participating school teams. The southern region zone competition involved 43 schools with 32 from Johor, 6 from Negeri Sembilan and 5 from the state of Malacca. 


 Robotics are anything but boring! Also in conjunction with our 100 rero Jrs. On A Mission initiative, we have dished out this mentally stimulating competition for young people to indulge in. Here's the game description :

   Rero Math It Out! is an exciting game that involves two teams competing at the same time where two rero Jr robots fight against time to collect as many cylinders ( labelled with numbers ) as they can. Before each game begins, a random solution number is generated. Based on the number generated, the two teams must collect and use the number to form mathematical equations that equal the solution number drawn before the game begins. Besides testing their programming skills, this game also trains the participants to work as a team, manage and maximize limited resources, plan their strategy, and of course, enhance their mathematical ability.

 Boy, it was fun! The prize giving ceremony was officiated by Encik Mohd. Sohaimi Bin Mohd Lazim from PPD Batu Pahat and Encik Kuswandi Bin Taven, High School Batu Pahat Principal. Thank you!


Secondary Category

Total number of teams - 33 teams

Champion - SMK Datin Onn Jaafar (Cikgu Norizzati bt Norzali)

1) Khoo Yie Zhe

2) Khoo Yie Xin

3) Gan Tze Chun

1st Runner Up - SMK Dato Syed Esa, Batu Pahat (Cikgu Mohd Fairdaus bin Misnan)

1) Muhd Akiff bin Mustajab

2) Arif Iskandar bin Mohd Jamil

3) Muhd Zaki bin Pardee

2nd Runner Up - SMK Dato Bentara Luar (Cikgu Nur Hayati bt Tapri)

1) Koh Wen Jie

2) Koh Hai Tong

3) Andrew Chia Jun Hao

Excellence Award

1) SMK Yong Peng (Team 2)

2) SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat (Team 2)

3) SMK Tinggi Batu Pahat (Team 3)

4) SMK Convent (M) Batu Pahat

5) SMK Munshi Sulaiman

Primary Category

Total number of teams - 19 teams

Champion - SK Malim Team 1 (Cikgu Mohd Hisharuddin bin Mat Daud)

1) Arieana Batrisya binti Ahmad Shukri

2) Fahmiera Adilla binti Muzaiemi

3) Dhia Zafran bin Mohd Hisharuddin

1st Runner Up - SJK (C) Hua Min (Cikgu Tan Li Li)

1) Hong Rui Leong

2) Ong Chang Yee

3) Ler Zhi Xuan

2nd Runner Up - SJKC Ai Chun 2 ( Cikgu  Desmond Yee  )

1) Kaemon Ng

2) Clarence Ng

3) Tan Shau Wei

Excellence Award

1) SJK (C) Chern Hwa Bukit Pasir

2) SK Malim (Team 2)

3) SJK (C) Sin Hwa, Bukit Pasir

4) SJK(C) Cheng Siu 2 (Team 2)

5) SJK (C) Ai Chun 1 (Team 1)

Congratulations to the winners and well done to the participants!