06 February, 2017
Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) 2017, Las Vegas

CES is one of the largest trade shows in the world held in Las Vegas, USA. Every year, CES attracts more than 100,000 attendees from government, commercial industries, corporate buyers as well as the media from all over the world to witness the latest consumer electronic products from big brands that take up 2.47 million square feet of exhibit space! This year, we are thrilled and excited to be part of CES 2017 to showcase rero in three different exhibits!

The first exhibit was presented on our face recognition robot that can be controlled to perform actions by recognizing facial expressions, such as winking. It detects winks and smiles through face detection technology and sends appropriate commands to the robot via Bluetooth. The robot will then react accordingly to your facial reactions. If you wink at the robot, it will wink back; if you smile at it, it will return you with a hug motion.

Our T-Rex robot was a crowd favorite and had caught the most attention during the show by mesmerizing the audience with its almost true to life dimension and motions. Every part of the robot, especially the legs and its head, was meticulously built using Lego parts. The motion was strategically planned so that it can walk and roar when people try to touch it! The flexibility to combine with Lego parts allows users to unleash their creativity on designing and decorating their robot to portray livelier actions.

Our third exhibit showcases rero’s color detection function using the color sensor installed on the robot’s gripper. Visitors can put any color block in the gripper and the robot will be able to sort and put it in correct locations. This exhibit mimics the color sorting machine used in factories to sort color parts. Users can learn how color sensor works and how to build a color sorter robot to manage their Lego bricks, for instance.

What an invaluable experience it was to be part of CES 2017! We have met marvelous people and got a foretaste of the next big things in tech industry. Most importantly, we are greatly encouraged to know and affirm that rero is a world class product as a result from years of hard work by everyone in our team. Our confidence in rero as educational robotics and coding kit for the younger generation is definitely strengthened. We are now powered by whatever challenges that may lie ahead of us to make rero even better.