21 November, 2016
rero Annual Championship RAC'16 @ MIECC Seri Kembangan Selangor, 4th - 6th November 2016

At our very first rero Annual Championship,  RAC'16, we were heartened by the overwhelming enthusiasm and participation from 107 teams from 50 schools nationwide and also guest teams from Indonesia.  It was a lively and finger biting 2 days as these teams battled it out, overcame obstacles and solved problems.  The rero robots created by these teams were cleverly designed, some were outlandish, and some, absolutely ingenious.  And the programming was creative, very well thought through, and mature.


Winning aside, everyone had a great time participating and learning, and that really is the most important part of the rero experience. Great job rerorians!  Delight us even more at RAC'17!

Here are the winners and special mentions :

(I) Robot Mine Cart

In this game, participants created and programmed a robot that was capable of line following and object sorting using the rero Line Sensor. The robot started at the Robot Base and entered the mine, following the black line forming the game track to Mining Spots along the way. There were various objects in the Mining Spots, namely 'Gas Cylinders', 'Oil Barrels' and 'Miners'. These objects must be sorted by the robot using the rero Line Sensor. The robot must then store the 'Gas Cylinders' and 'Oil Barrels' separately and bring them back to the Robot Base, while leaving the Miners to continue working in their Mining Spots. The winner was of course the robot that was able to sort, store and deliver the objects with the highest accuracy in the shortest time. 


Golden Ace, SMJK Jit Sin

· Teoh Jian Jia

· Lee Zong Hao

· Tan Qi Yang


1st Runner Up

A.I.R., SMJK Jit Sin

· Lim Wern Jie


2nd Runner Up

Al Fateh, SMI Hira

· Muhammad Syahmie bin Hazren

· Abdul Muhaimin bin Ramlan

· Muhammad Alif Syazwan bin Mohd Azizan


Best Design:

A.I.R., SMJK Jit Sin

· Lim Wern Jie


Indonesia Special Awards:

· Al Falah - SMI Hira

· Hin Hua Team 3 - Hin Hua High School

· KROSTEGS III - SMK Gombak Setia

· KV Batu Pahat - Kolej Vokasional Batu Pahat

· Foon Yew JB rero Team A - Foon Yew High School 

(II) Robot Siege 
A game took place between 4 teams on a square field divided into 4, with each team having their own territory and a city. Before each game, each team was randomly given a unique bridge structure to connect their own territory with a neighboring team's territory. The game progressed as team members operated their robots to fire or place cannonballs into the opponents' cities. Points for teams were calculated at the end of the games by calculating the amount of cannonballs deposited in each team's city. 

Champion :

Team 1, Batu Pahat High School

· Ong Yu Heng

· Aaron Gan Yu Cheng

· Dominic Kerk Ming Huang


1st Runner Up

Team 2, Batu Pahat High School

· Goh Zhen Xing

· Kok Tang Chin

· Yuvan A/L Segar


2nd Runner Up

Team 3, Batu Pahat High School

· Derek Low Yu Hen

· Akash Kumar


Best Design:

Dzatun Nithaqin,SMI Hira

· Maryam Nabulah Binti Madhadzir

· Amirah Solehah Binti Zaini

· Mishnah Azzahirah Binti Suwandi

Indonesia Special Award

· Silterra KAY 1

· Hin Hua Team 1


· Nipam Delta

· Man 4 Force 

(III) Robot Triathlon

A triathlon was a multiple-stage competition, with three separate, continuous portions. The most common form of a triathlon involves swimming, cycling and running. The sport focuses on the athlete's endured training of the three separate disciplines, as persistent and periodised training is required for the athlete to perform well. Robots, on the other hand, don't train, but must be designed to be as versatile as possible, allowing them to perform a multitude of different tasks. Thus, in this competition, teams were required to design robots which are versatile enough to be able to complete all 3 different missions in the Robot Triathlon, namely see-saw, steps and uneven surface.


LokaLocal Valdor Team 1, SMK Valdor

· Bryan Ong Jun How

· Joseph Ng Kok Loong

· Loo Zhen Xuan


First Runner Up

KV Batu Pahat Team

· Amirul Arif Bin Md Saaidi

· Muhamad Hazim Syahmi Bin Hamidon

· Muhammad Azrie Bin Mohd Albar


2nd Runner Up

LokaLocal Valdor Team 2, SMK Valdor

· Ng Swee Chao

· Lee Zheng Xun

· H’ng Jia Hong

Best Design

Golden Ace, SMJK Jit Sin

· Teoh Jian Jia

· Lee Zong Hao

· Tan Qi Yang


Special Indonesia Award

· Pay Fong 1

· Pay Fong 2

· SMITA Talented

· Valdor Team 3

· Silterra_Baling MJSCIAN 2

· rero Fighters

(IV)  Robot Survival

In this game, robots fought each other with the objective of transferring the Victory Cup located at the center zone to either one of the lake zone located at both sides of the game field. Team with highest points collected would proceed to the next round.  The top 4 teams qualified for the finals where they battled it out to win the coveted title.


Majidee Team, SK Majidi Bahru

· Muhammad Nasri Bin Nasharuddin

· Ahmad Naufal Bin Ramlan

· Riyadh Ruzain Bin Amran


1st Runner Up

SBT10, SK Sekudai Batu 10

· Muhammad Akif Zahim B Abd Samad

· Muhammad Syamil Rafiq B Mazlin

· Muhammad Aqil B Amran



2nd Runner Up

The King, SK Seksyen 20

· Harris Eidman Bin Mohd Nizam

· Muhammad Irfan Haziq Bin Azhar

· Raja Syahzad Nurhakeem Bin Raja Sabarihan


Best Design Award

SRIAACS Team 3, Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Amin Cheras Selatan

· Wan Amirun Haqim Bin Wan Mohd Supian

· Damia Liyana Binti Shamsol Hasni

· Muhammad Danish Hakim Bin Abdul Zairul

 Indonesia Special Award

· Wild Wild West

· The Undertakers

· SRIAACS Team 1

· Al Amin Robot Survivor

· Starbot

· Qawiem Two 


Overall Award for rero Annual Championship RAC’16

- Pallas Corporate Award: SMK Valdor Robotics Team