31 October, 2016
Updated rero Remote App (Android)

We’ve just released an updated version of the rero Remote Android app, and it’s now available for free download in Google Play store

Besides a fresh new look to the interface, this update aims  to solve the known Bluetooth issue on devices running Android 6 Marshmallow and up. Now you can remote control your rero robot with any smartphone you've got there. 

We've also introduced Bluetooth Dual Mode (BLE & EDR) Intelligent Search. This feature saves you the hassle of selecting Bluetooth Mode in rero Controller's settings. It is automatically taken care of by Remote app and Controller for your convenience. 

Another notable improvement is the new Bluetooth Address Filter which shows rero robots in the default search result list and hides all other devices until you press Show Mode button. This enables you to recognise your own robot swiftly when there are many other Bluetooth devices present at the same time.

Other Fixes & Improvements:
  • Search result displays the complete list of devices found.
  • Notification for news and updates.
Get it on Google Play