29 July, 2016
rero Robot's Got Talent Online Competition

We’ve been amazed, over and over again, by the creativity of our young Robot Makers! You guys have produced some pretty impressive robots using RERO. We would love to gather all of you in one place to showcase your unique creations but that’s just not possible; you’re from all over the globe! 

So here’s our solution - we’ll make it possible for everyone to join the fun by running this ONLINE COMPETITION.

Who can take part?

This competition is open to ALL rero Robot Makers. You can enter your personal project OR form a team (max 3 members) to participate in this competition.

How many entries can I submit?

You may submit multiple entries but each participant is only eligible to win ONE prize.

Is there a registration fee?

No, participation is FREE.

How to take part?

It’s simple - basically you build a rero robot and show the rest of the world what your robot can do! 

Step 1: Build and program a robot. 

i. You can design any type of robot you like using rero Robotics Kit.  

ii. You are encouraged to use 3D-printed and/or LEGO parts and/or other materials to add to the robot’s aesthetic value. However, rero parts must remain as the main building and controlling elements for the robot.

iii. NO size and weight limits.

Step 2: Share your project on rero Portal: http://rero.io/portal/project 

i. You will need to register an account first in order to submit a project. Registration is FREE.

ii. You will need to share images of your creation, as well as a video to showcase what your robot can do. The video length should not exceed 90 seconds.

Step 3: Register your submission by filling this online form. Once accepted, your robot video will be uploaded to rero FB Page

Step 4: Get your FANS and SUPPORTERS to like your robot video.

*Guidelines and tips to help you WIN. Read here.

What are the judging criteria?

30% will be based on FB users’ response to your robot video, whereby 1 LIKE = 1 point and 1 SHARE = 3 points. 

Final date for voting on FB is 7th October 2016 at 12.00pm (noon). Accumulated points will be converted to 30%.

70% will be awarded by the Panel of Judges based on the following criteria:

i. Creativity and Innovation (25%)

ii. Engineering Design (25%)  

iii. Programming (25%), and

iv. Video Presentation (25%). 

Points awarded by the Panel of Judges will be converted to 70%.

What are the prizes?

Top 10 Finalists will receive RM500 and the Grand Prize Winner will receive RM2500.

Important Dates

Closing Date for Project Submission: 30th September 2016, 12.00pm (noon)

Final Date for Voting on FB: 7th October 2016, 12.00pm (noon)

Announcement of Winners: 21st October 2016