General Questions

Where can i get the robot?

The robots are now available for purchase at a selected retail store, or you may also visit our official website to place an order online.

Do you charge for shipping?

Yes. You may contact our sales department through [email protected] to seek for further information. 

How long it will take to receive my order?

We will deliver your order within 2 or 3 working days.

If it is an international purchase it will take around 2 weeks.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash payment,credit/debit cards or wire transfer

How can i do bulk purchases?

You may contact our sales department through [email protected]

Do you charge tax?

Yes. GST applied for each purchase. 

What is your warranty policy?

The warranty period is 12 months(1 year) from the date of purchase, and is subject to the manufacturer’s term’s and condition.

How do i cancel my order?

Please email to [email protected] for further information.

Do you have any education packs?

Yes, please email to [email protected] for further information.

Do you open regular class?

No. But we do appoint some training partner on board. Please visit to find out more about our learning center.

Is there is any educator discount?

Yes, please email to [email protected] for further information.

What is the suitable age range to use rero?

Recommended to age 8 and above for rero Basic Set, and age 10 above for rero Standard Set. 

What is the language that the rero controller supports?

The controller only supports English.

Robot Questions

Cube Servo Error/Damage

When a particular Cube Servo LED is blinking

The blinking LED on the Cube Servo indicates that the motor is overloaded or there is an internal sensor damage. Please allow the Cube Servo to cool down before you continue using it, else contact rero support team at [email protected] for further assistance.

1. Turn OFF the rero Controller for 5 minutes.

2. Then switch the rero Controller back ON, go to Servo page and check if the particular motor is detected.

3. If the Cube Servo is detected and working properly, please revise your robot design to reduce load or set path limit again.  

Cube Servo is not detected by the rero Controller

1. Unplug all the Cube Servo cables from the rero Controller.

2. Connect one of the Cube Servos to the rero Controller,

3. Turn ON the rero Controller and check whether the red LED of the Cube Servo light up for 0.5 second.

4. On the main menu, enter the Servo page and check if that Cube Servo is detected.

- If YES, repeat steps 2 to 4 for all the Cube Servos.

- If NO, please proceed to the following steps.

5. Change to another rero Controller port to verify if the problem still persists.

6. Check whether the Cube Servo wire is damaged.

7. If all of the above verifications fail, please contact rero support team at [email protected]

Cube Servo Output Connect Damage

1. Using the Allen-key provided, remove the screw at the output connect.

2. Replace the new output connect to the Cube Servo. Make sure to align the yellow triangle to the mark at the Cube Servo.

3. Secure the screw by tightening it.

rero Firmware

How to check for rero firmware version on rero Controller?

1. Turn ON the rero Controller.

2. Go to â€œSettings”.

3. Press the  button on the bottom right to Page: 4/4. You will find the firmware version there.

How to check for the latest rero firmware version available?

1. Turn ON the rero Controller and connect the USB cable to a computer.

2. Launch rero Controller.

3. Click Firmware Updater button on the menu bar of rero Animator.

Note: Make sure that the two versions are different to prevent incompatibility issues.

4. You can compare the firmware versions of your rero Controller and the version that comes with your current rero Software.


How to update firmware?

1. Refer to "Where to check for the latest rero firmware version available" above and follow the steps.

2. Click on the Custom button to launch "rero Firmware Updater".

3. You will see this interface on the screen. Make sure that your USB cable is connected firmly before continuing to the next step.

4. Make sure your rero Controller is turned OFF. Press and hold the "Program" button placed under the USB port on the rero Controller, and then press the "Power" button to turn the rero Controller back on.

5. Next, verify if the LED is blinking blue light.

6. Then, click on â€œConnect to rero Controller” and make sure the message screen “Device Connected” appear.

7. Click on the â€œSelect Firmware” icon and search for the firmware downloaded at  

- 32-bits PC: (C:\Program Files\rero\reroControllerFirmware.hex)

- 64-bits PC: (C:\Program Files (x86)\rero\reroControllerFirmware.hex)

8. The message screen will then show â€œHex file loaded successfully” after the firmware is selected.

9. After that, click on the “Update Firmware” button and allow it to finish the update

Note: Do not attempt to unplug the USB cable while updating. This might corrupt the firmware and you might not be able to turn your rero Controller back on. 

10. After updating, you may exit the Firmware Updater and restart rero Controller when you see the message below.

Where to download the latest firmware?

The rero firmware is already downloaded together with the rero software. It is located at your PC drive 

- 32-bits PC: (C:\Program Files\rero\reroControllerFirmware.hex)

- 64-bits PC: (C:\Program Files (x86)\rero\reroControllerFirmware.hex

rero Controller's icons are missing after updating

1. Prepare a USB cable and connect your rero Controller to a PC.

2. Turn ON the rero Controller.

3. Click on â€œTurn on USB storage”.

4. A USB storage drive will appear with 3 folders, namely Theme, Program, and Config.

5. Delete all the folders on the storage drive.

6. Next, copy and paste the downloaded copy of all 3 folders from the folder "SD Card Files" into the SD card.

7. Once completed, unplug the USB cable and restart the rero Controller to verify if the icons appear on the screen

Lock / Unlock Motion Files

To prevent your files from being accidentally replaced by a teach motion, you can choose to lock them.


How to lock/unlock motion files?

1. Turn ON the rero Controller, click on “MOTION” icon.

2. On the bottom right, click on the â€œEdit” button.

3. Next, click on the folder you wish to lock/unlock.

4. Press â€œDONE” when complete.

Note: All rero Animator and Planner files will not be saved  at any button that is locked.

rero Controller Setting - Set ID

Why do two or more Cube Servos run together at the same time although only one of the Cube Servos is programmed to run?

Two or more Cube Servos share the same ID. To change one of the Cube Servos to a different ID, please refer to the steps below.

How to set different ID for Cube Servo/Sensor?

1. Connect the Cube Servo or sensor to the rero Controller. Then, turn it ON.

2. Go to â€œSettings”.

3. On Page: 1/4, choose "Set ID".

4. Press "Read ID" for the current Cube Servo or sensor ID.

Note: The supported ID for Cube Servo or sensor starts from 000 to 253.

5. Enter the desired ID, and then press "OK".

6. When message screen shows "Successful", you may exit the setting.  

rero Controller Setting - Bluetooth

Bluetooth pin number

The Bluetooth pin default setting is â€œ1234”. 

How to check Bluetooth Pin number?

1. Turn ON the rero controller.

2. Go to â€œSettings”

3. Press â€œBluetooth”

4. Make sure the setting for Bluetooth mode is correct. 

Note: EDR(Android and Windows) and BLE(iOS)

5. Next, press â€œSet Bluetooth PIN”.

6. Finally, press â€œRead PIN” and the pin will be shown.

How to change Bluetooth Pin number?

1. Follow the steps from 1 to 6 of â€œHow to check Bluetooth Pin number” above.

2. Then, enter your new 4 digit pin number.

3. Press â€œOK” button when done. The message â€œSuccessful” will appear when your new pin number is saved.

rero Controller Setting - Screen Brightness and Sound Volume

1. Turn ON the rero controller.

2. Go to â€œSettings”.

3. Press the  button on the bottom right to Page: 2/4.

4. Scroll the bar to left/right to set it low/high.

Note: Pressing the icon will reset the configuration back to default.

rero Controller Setting - Sleep Mode and Auto Shutdown

My rero Controller screen is OFF, but the LED keeps blinking green.

The rero Controller will switch to Sleep Mode by turning OFF the screen. Although the screen is turned off, the robot is still able to control or play any motion files. It does not affect anything while still connected to rero Remote.

Note: To activate the Sleep Mode, press and release the "Power" button when the rero Controller is ON.

My rero Controller suddenly shuts down.

The rero Controller will automatically shut down when it is inactive for a certain period of time set. This is to prevent the battery from being drained up.

How to turn ON the rero Controller screen again?

1. Press anywhere on the screen.

2. Slide to unlock it.

How to set the duration for Sleep Mode or Auto Shutdown?

1. Turn ON the rero controller.

2. Go to â€œSettings”.

3. Press the   button on the bottom right to Page: 3/4.

4. Scroll the bar to left/right to set the duration to minimum/maximum time. 


(1)Pressing the icon will reset the configuration back to default.

(2)Scroll the icon to the far right to turn OFF the Sleep Mode and Auto Shutdown.

rero Controller Cannot Load into Main Menu

1. Turn OFF the rero Controller.

2. Unscrew the rero Controller.

3. Remove the SD card and try to clean the surface of the card with a soft cloth.

4. Insert back the SD card and turn the rero Controller back on.

Wire Connection

Two Methods of Wiring

- Direct Wiring: Each Cube Servo (Male Connector) is connected directly to the rero Controller.



- Daisy Chain Wiring: Cube Servos are connected to each other (Daisy Chain) and one of the Cube Servos (Male Connector) is connected to the rero Controller.

Note: The rero Controller has a total of 6 ports. Each port may support up to a maximum of 10 Cube Servos or Sensors. Overall, it may support up to a maximum of 60 Cube Servos or Sensors. 

Connection Between 2 Cube Servos

First Cube Servo (Male Connector); connects to the 2nd Cube Servo (Male connector).


Connection Between Cube Servo and the rero Controller

First Cube Servo (Male Connector) is connected to the rero Controller port.

Hardware Rules

The Connects and Joints


Rule #1: Always use Adapter Joints on the rero Controller.

Rule #2: Follow the yellow arrow at the Cube Servo’s output connect.

Product and Manufacturing

rero Controller Errors

Unable to Shut Down

If the error screen below is seen during shutting down, this indicates that the controller PCB is spoiled and the power to the servo motor/sensor cannot be turned off.

Please remove the battery from the controller to prevent over-discharging.



Low Battery Level

When the battery level falls below 10%, the system will show the screen below and shut down automatically after 5 seconds.

This is to protect the battery. Please recharge or change to another batterypack before you continue to operate the system.


Forced Shutdown

If the rero Controller hangs or fails to respond, you can force shutdown by pressing and holding the "Power" button for >5 seconds.

If the rero Controller still refuses to shut down, you can manually shut down by removing the battery. Please check "How to charge the rero battery? (Charging directly via LiPo battery charger)" on ways to remove the battery.

rero Controller Normal and System Error Status

Normal Operation
These LED patterns are normal during operation. 

LED State Description
Red LED stays ON System is shutting down.
Yellow LED Blinks Reading/Writing SD Card
Blue LED is ON Bluetooth is connected and ready to receive command.
Cyan LED Blinks Sending/Receiving data from Bluetooth module.
Green LED Blinks Screen is locked.
LED is OFF System is ready.


System Error
These LED patterns indicates that error is detected.

LED State Description
White LED blinks (1Hz) Insufficient memory to start RTOS tasks.
White LED blinks (10 Hz) RTOS stack overflows.
Red LED blinks 2x Malloc error.
Red LED blinks 3x RTOS task stack is too low.
Red LED blinks 4x G15/Sensor communication problem.
*This is normal if the G15/Sensor is connected when the controller is powered up.
Red LED blinks 5x Bluetooth module communication problem.


What to do when rero Controller indicates System Error? 

Please email the files below to the rero technical support team at [email protected].

- Blinking LED pattern 

- Log.txt file (When system encounters an error, it will record the error in the Log.txt file under the root directory of the SD card)

- Firmware version (rero Firmware - please refer to "How to check rero firmware version on rero Controller?")

Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility

Currently rero Software support:



rero Remote Control support

App Questions

rero Animator's Bluetooth Programming

How to do Wireless Programming via Bluetooth

1. Prepare a USB cable and connect it to the rero controller and PC.

2. Turn ON the rero Controller.

3. At rero Animator, click on “Change Robot Name”.

4. A "Name your Robot" pop-up window will appear. You can change to your desired robot name here.

5. Click â€œOK” when complete.

6. Unplug the USB cable from the rero Controller.

7. Next, click on the “Connection Status” icon.

8. On the â€œSelect Connection Type”, choose Bluetooth.

9. In the â€œSelect Bluetooth Device” window, search for the name of your robot. 

Note: Please read the guide on “Detected too many rero Controllers” below on how to change the robot's name.

10. Once done, click â€œOK” and the Bluetooth PIN window will show up.

11. Enter the PIN then click "OK".

12. Then, the COM Port will automatically fill up. 

13. Lastly, click â€œConnect” and make sure the rero Controller’s LED is showing blue colour.  

Fail to search rero Controller when using Bluetooth

1. Make sure your PC comes with a Bluetooth device; else, you may need to have a Bluetooth dongle.

2. Restart rero Controller. 

3. Make sure the rero Controller is on Bluetooth mode.


4. On rero Animator, click the "Bluetooth" icon to search for your robot again. 

Detected Too Many rero Controllers in Bluetooth Search

Currently, the rero Animator will only show the rero robot's name instead of the Bluetooth ID of the rero Controller. This can be easily solved by changing the robot's name using the USB cable.

1. Prepare a USB cable and connect it to the rero controller and the PC.

2. Turn ON the rero Controller.

3. On rero Animator, click on “Change Robot Name”.

4. A pop-up window will appear. You can then change to your desired robot name.

5. Click â€œOK” when complete.

6. Unplug the USB cable and connect the robot using Bluetooth connection. 

rero Remote

Using rero Remote

1. Download the rero Remote Apps from Play Store or Apple Apps Store.

2. Turn ON the Bluetooth of your phone

3. Search and Connect to rero Robot.

4. Match the rero robot name and Bluetooth address. Then, press OK.

5. Wait for it to connect and you're free to control the robot.

Charging Your Robot

rero Battery Charging

How to charge the rero battery? (Charging via rero Controller)

1. Prepare the LiPo battery charger and charging cable.

2. Connect them together as shown in the picture below. 

3. Turn ON the charger. 

Note: Battery Charger LED indicator:

RED - Charging

GREEN - Fully Charged

Blinking RED - Battery Error

How to charge the rero battery? (Charging directly via LiPo battery charger)

1. Unscrew the rero Controller and open up the cover.

2. Remove the LiPo battery connector from the rero Controller.

3. Insert the LiPo battery white connector to the LiPo battery charger.

My rero robot battery is not charging. What should I do? 

- Verify that the battery is in good condition

1. Verify if the battery connector are installed correctly.

2. Verify if the battery charger LEDs are showing a solid red light when charging.

3. If the battery charger LEDs are blinking red, please contact the manufacturer for further assistance at [email protected]

- Verify if the LiPo battery charger is in good condition

1. Connect the battery charger as shown in the picture.

2. Turn ON the battery charger.

3. Check if the battery charger LEDs are green. 

4. If the LEDs are green, your LiPo battery charger is in good working condition.