Venture into the world of robotics...

We’ve especially designed an e-learning course to help beginners to get started for FREE. You will learn
the basic concepts of robotics and build a robot in every lesson- right from the very first lesson.


Discover Programming

Provide your robot with intelligence and personality through rero system. Programming has never been such a delightful experience when working with a physical robot as your coding companion.


Wireless Control

Be inspired through connected play by pairing your rero robot with a smart device via Bluetooth. With rero Remote App, you can easily operate or navigate your rero robot wirelessly.


3D Print Your Own Parts

Personalize your rero robots with 3D printing technology. Check out rero official parts' 3D drawings, modify, improve and even create your own unique parts to make your robots stand out from the crowd.


Product Registration

Register your rero and we can better assist you.


See What Others Do with rero

Check out all the amazing robots that other students, parents and teachers have created.

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