Encourage Your Child To Learn
Robotics & Programming

Children simply love robots. And they are inherently curious about things around them. So why not take this opportunity to expose them to robotics and let them learn new skills that are critical to the shaping of their minds and future.

Now is a great time to start!

Give your child the opportunity to learn and explore. Let your child build his own robot today!


Equip your child with a fun and exciting learning tool.

Invest in a set of educational robotics kit. You can get a rero online here.

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Enroll your child for the rero Robotics Online Course.

Already own a rero set? Register for the rero Robotics Beginner’s Course. You and your child can go through the lessons on our eLearning portal at your own pace and get free access to all learning materials, updates, news and technical support.


Enroll your child at our partner’s training centre.

If your child prefers to learn together with peers, or needs extra guidance, you can enroll them for rero Robotics Course at one of our partner training centres.


Sign your child up for a competition.

Feeling competitive? Is your child up for the challenges of a competition? Sign up for one of our upcoming competitions.