Spark Your Students' Interest in
STEM Education with Robotics.

Passionate about providing your students with holistic education and inspiring them to go beyond the school syllabus? Try rero and introduce them to robotics and programming.

rero Robotics Educator's Package comes with
these goodies to get you started.

Modular Robotic Kits
Graphical Coding Software
Android/iOS App
16 Hands-on Lessons
(offline version)
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Bring rero Robotics to your school and
community today!

Spark their interest in STEM education. Let them gain practical experience outside the four walls of the classroom through our robotics programs.


How It Works

Start a rero Robotics Club.

You can start a new Robotics Club or embed rero programs into your existing clubs such as Innovation and Design Club or Computer Club. Get students to do the hands-on lessons, and once they have mastered the basics, they can work on their own projects and join competitions.


Offer rero Robotics Course as an after school program.

Conduct rero Robotics Course to complement existing syllabus. There are 16 lessons in the Beginner's Course, which can be spread out nicely over one school semester.


Bring teams for rero robotics competitions.

Participation can be credited for co-curricular involvement for both teachers and students.


Nominate students to join the Jr. Facilitator Program.

This is a great leadership program for young people to pick up and hone valuable soft skills. They will be empowered to lead their own teams and train fellow schoolmates to do the same.


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