rero Annual Championship - National Level Robotics and Coding Competition @ KLESF'17

Event Date: 03 November 2017, Friday

Last year, at our very first rero Annual Championship, 107 teams from over 50 schools nationwide battled it out in four robot games over the 3-day event. It is with great pleasure that we invite you once again to be part of rero Annual Championship, RAC’17, which will be held alongside Kuala Lumpur Engineering and Science Fair, or better known as KLESF. This year we will have more categories - 3 Junior and 3 Senior Categories - so that more teams can join in the fun. This national level competition is endorsed by the Ministry of Education and we are expecting over 200 teams from schools nationwide. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this grand carnival!

3rd to 5th November 2017 (Friday to Sunday)
9am - 6pm
[Download Tentative Program and Info Pack]

Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC)
Jalan Dulang, MINES Resort City, Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

There are 5 games to choose from. Take your pick!

i. rero Math It Out! (Junior Category - rero Basic Set x1)  
Racing against time to collect as many numbers as possible in order to form mathematical equations that fulfill the solution number - this game not only challenges the participants’ programming skills but also put their mathematical sharpness to the test.
Status: Registration FULL *Waiting List [REGISTER HERE] [Download Game Rules

ii. Robot Survival (Junior Category - rero Standard Set x1) 
Four robots battling it out to seize the Victory Cup and planting it in the Lake Zone. This nail-biting game, which keeps both participants and spectators in great excitement, is back by popular demand.
Status: OPEN for registration [REGISTER HERE] [Download Game Rules]  [Watch Game Rules Video]

iii. Robot Siege (Senior Category - rero Standard Set x2)
A tactical game, in which each team attempts to attack and weaken the opponents’ cities while trying its best to protect its own territory from enemies’ onslaught. This beats playing virtual reality games anytime. 2 robots per team. Maximum 2 teams per school/training centre.
Status: Registration FULL *Waiting List. [REGISTER HERE] [Download Game Rules] [Watch Game Rules Video]

iv. Live Coding Challenge (Junior and Senior Categories - rero Basic Set x1)
Train your rero Jr well and sign up for this new game. You will be given 2 coding challenges for you to solve on the spot. Certificates will be awarded to ALL who successfully complete the challenges but only the BEST deserves the coveted title - Master rero Jr Trainer.
Status: Registration FULL *Waiting List [REGISTER HERE] [Download Game Rules

v. Build Your Own Robot Challenge (Senior Category - rero Standard Set x1++)
True to our tagline, you get to build your own robot on the spot to tackle this challenge. The game is simple - build a robot that can pick up a container and transport its content to the receiving container at the end of the track!
Status: Registration FULL *Waiting List [REGISTER HERE] [Download Game Rules


Robot Siegerero Math It Out, Robot Survival, Live Coding Challenge, Build Your Own Robot Challenge  
ChampionRM800 + Trophy + Certificates
RM600 + Trophy + Certificates
1st Runner UpRM650 + Trophy + Certificates
RM450 + Trophy + Certificates
2nd Runner UpRM500 + Trophy + Certificates
RM300 + Trophy + Certificates
5x Excellence AwardMedals + Certificates
Medals + Certificates
*Certificates of Achievement will be awarded to ALL who successfully complete the challenges for Live Coding Challenge and Build Your Own Robot Challenge


Junior Category : Open to all students aged 7 to 12 (D.O.B. from 1 Jan 2005 to 31 Dec 2010)
Senior Category : Open to all students aged 13 to 20 (D.O.B. from 1 Jan 1997 to 31 Dec 2004)

You can register by filling in the online form. [REGISTER HERE]
Deadline for registration is 1st October 2017.
*Please take note that registration may close earlier once the maximum number of teams for each category is reached. Register your team as soon as possible to book a slot.

RM120 per team (maximum 3 members) per game.
*ALL participants will receive a certificate of participation and a t-shirt.

1)Cash/Cheque Deposit
2)Online Transfer

Bank Details
Bank Name               : Maybank
Account Name         : Rero Edu Sdn Bhd
Account Number      : 557326-058517

Please email the bank slip to [email protected] or send a snapshot to 016-3290069 (SMS or WhatsApp). In helping us to process your payment, please provide your name and contact number. For any enquiries or confirmation on the status of your payment, you may email us at [email protected]

You can either purchase or rent rero robotics kit from the organizer. Please fill in this form for an official quotation.

rero Standard Set

Purchase       : RM1800 (excl gst)  
Rent-to-Own  : RM 150/month x 12 months
Rent               : RM120/month (minimum 6 months) *subject to availability

rero Basic Set (rero Jr)

Purchase       : RM 850 (excl gst)
Rent-to-Own  : RM 80/month x 12 months
Rent               : RM 60/month (minimum 6 months) *subject to availability

For further enquiries, please feel free to email or contact us.
[email protected] 016-3290069  / [email protected] 016-6650069 / [email protected] 012-8855758

Event Details

3-5 November 2017
Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Seri Kembangan Selangor


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Cheryl Ng
8 months ago
Hi Jun Fu, for Build Your Own Robot Challenge it's stated in the game rules that "the game field, actual dimensions of the container and its content will only be revealed on the day of the event"..... for Live Coding Challenge, we'll be using a grid game field printed on banner material (similar to the game fields for online coding challenges and rero Math It Out).
Jun Fu Tan
9 months ago
Why don't have build your robot and live coding map

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