rero-lution 2017 Online Competition

Got a problem? Solve it with rero!

Event Date: 03 April 2017, Monday

Life doesn’t have to be tough. If there’s a will, there’s got to be a way. Robotics and coding are all about creating solutions and rero’s back with another online competition for you to build a solution to an everyday real life problem. Whether you are tackling this challenge individually or as a team, you stand a chance to win a prize for your ideas!

Who can take part?
This competition is open to ALL rero Robot Makers. You can enter your personal project OR form a team (max 3 members) to participate in this competition.

How many entries can I submit?
You may submit multiple entries but each participant is only eligible to win ONE prize.

Is there a registration fee?
No, it’s FREE to join! 

How to take part?
It’s simple - basically you identify a problem you would like to solve and then design a solution using rero robotics kit.

Step 1: Build and program a robot. 
i. Design a solution using rero Robotics Kit.  
ii. You are encouraged to use LEGO and/or 3D-printed parts and/or other materials to add to the robot’s aesthetic value. However, rero parts must remain as the main building and controlling elements for the robot.
iii. NO size and weight limits.

Step 2: Share your project on rero Portal: 
i. You will need to register an account first in order to submit a project. Registration is FREE.
ii. You need to embed a YouTube video to depict the problem and how your solution works. The video length should not exceed 90 seconds.

Step 3: Register your submission by filling this online form

Step 4: Get your FANS and SUPPORTERS to view, like and share your YouTube video.
*Guidelines and tips to help you WIN. Read here.

What are the judging criteria?
30% will be based on your YouTube video’s popularity whereby 1 view = 1 point, 1 like = 2 points and 1 share = 3 points.
You may share your YouTube video on any of your social media platform to promote your project but we will ONLY consider the views/likes/shares for your YouTube video.

Final date for voting is 15th July 2017 at 12.00pm (noon). Accumulated points will be converted to 30%.

70% will be awarded by the Panel of Judges based on the following criteria:
i. Creativity and Innovation (25%)
ii. Engineering Design (25%)  
iii. Programming (25%), and
iv. Video Presentation (25%). 
Points awarded by the Panel of Judges will be converted to 70%.

What are the prizes?
RM1000 for the Grand Prize Winner
RM500 for 4x Gold Award Winner
RM300 for 5x Silver Award Winner
RM150 for 10x Bronze Award Winner

Important Dates
Closing Date for Project Submission: 1st July 2017, 12.00pm (noon)
Final Date for Voting on YouTube: 15th July 2017, 12.00pm (noon)

Event Details

3 April - 1 July 2017


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