Utan Robot

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Follow the steps in the first video to construct the hardware of utan robot.

In the 2nd video, you will be taught how to make the robot stands on its arms, how to balance itself and what is center of gravity about. 

The 3rd video teaches how to use rero Planner to combine 2 or more motions in a single play file. You can plan the sequence of motions with rero Planner. Additionally, this video also shows how to use the head's IR sensor. 

rero Parts

  • x5
  • x3
  • x08
  • x11
  • x2
  • x1
  • x4
  • x1
  • x6
  • x2
  • x2
  • x2
  • x10



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Farid Daniel Khairudin
5 years ago
this robot so amazing and cute